Crowe, Edith L.

Crowe, Edith L.

Date Updated




Academic Rank

Faculty/Librarian Emerita

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

CSU Dominguez Hills, Humanities, 1980 MA

State University of NY, College at Geneseo, Library Science, 1971 MLS

State University of NY at Buffalo, Art History, 1970 BA

Administrative and Professional Experience

San Jose State University Library


Associate Librarian & Librarian, Reference & Academic Services.

Provided general reference and library orientation in all areas; also specialized reference, collection development, online searching, and bibliographic instruction in art & design, humanities, American studies, comparative religious studies, and gay/lesbian studies. Provided consultation in fantasy & science fiction to language & literature subject specialist. Coordinator of Graduate Instruction for library’s Information Literacy Competence Program (2003-2007).

7/06-6/07: Interim Head of Collection Development

3/85-8/85: Acting Head, Reference Department

1982-83: Interim Coordinator, Library Education & Assistance Program

9/77-9/79: Senior Assistant Librarian, Reference & Publications

4/77-9/79: Assistant/Senior Assistant Librarian, Humanities Reference

California State University, Hayward


Assistant Librarian, General Reference (Temporary)

San Jose State University Library


Librarian I/Assistant Librarian, Humanities Reference


Professional/Scholarly Organizations

Art Libraries Society/North America 1974-2007

National Conference Committee, 1991-1993; 1981

Coordinator, Women & Art Round Table, 1989-1991

Wittenborn Award Committee, 1990

Membership Committee, 1986-1987

Art Libraries Society/Northern California 1974-2009

Executive Board, 1992-1994; 1979-1984

Chair, 1993; 1982-1983

Vice Chair, 1992; 1981-1982

Secretary/Treasurer, 1979-1981

Committee Service

Library & College

Structures & Practices Task Force (King Library), 2007 (Fall)

RTP Guidelines Revision Task Force, 2007

Recruitment Task Force, 2005-2007

Research Forum Task Force, 2004-2006

Web Operations Group, 2004-2005

Web Operations Group, Tutorial Task Force, 2004-2005

Chair of the Library Faculty DMG, ADMG ex officio, 2003-2004

Web Implementation Group (nKL), 2002-2003

MUSE Team, 2002-2003

Web Advisory Task Force, 2000-2003

Joint Library Planning Team: Policies & Procedures, 2000-2003

Co-Chair, 2000-2003

College of Humanities & Arts Curriculum Committee, 1997-2006

Reference Automated Services Committee, 1994-2002

Chair, 1995-1997; 2001-2002

PSSI College Committee, 1995-1996

Second Level Personnel Committee, 1991-1996; 1998-2002; 2005-2006

Chair, 1992-1993; 1995-1996

Exhibits Committee, 1991-1994

Chair, 1991-1993?

Collection Development Steering Committee, 1991-1993

Multicultural Equity Committee, 1991-1992

Post-Tenure Review Committee, 1989; 1991

Chair, 1991

First Level Personnel Committee, 1981-1986

Chair, 1982-1983

Library Planning Committee for Self-Study, 1981-82

Ad Hoc Committee on ARTP Criteria & Standards, 1978

Plus many recruitment committees for individual positions & pool librarians


Webmaster Recruitment, 2007 (Summer)

Sivertsen Scholarship Committee (Chair), 2005-2007

Dean of Library Services Search Committee, 2005 (Spring)

Dean of Library Services Review Committee, 2004 (Fall)

University Retention & Tenure Committee, 1989-1990?; 2003-2005

University Library Board, 2003-2006

Lottery Funds Committee, 1994-1997

Chair, 1996-1997

LGBT Faculty & Staff Assn., 1991-2007

Secretary, 1991-1993

Webmaster, 1999-2006

General Education Advisory Panel, Humanities & Arts, 1991-1994

Chair, 1994

University Late Add Committee, 1991; 1996

University RTP Committee, 1989-1990

Advisory Committee on Public Information, 1983-1986

Chair, 1985-1986

Academic Fairness Committee, 1980-1983

Chair, 1982-1983

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for New (Clark) Library, 1980

Selected Publications

Books, Articles, Chapters, Etc. (12)

Croft, Janet Brennan & Edith Crowe, compilers. An Index to Mythlore: Issues 1-100. Altadena, Calif.: The Mythopoeic Press, 2008 (© 2007).

Information Competencies for Students in Design Disciplines. [with Jeanne Brown, Jane Carlin, Edith Crowe, Maya Gervits, Susan Lewis, Alan Michelson, Barbara Opar, and Jennifer Parker] Art Libraries Society of North America, 2006.

“An Art History Survey Course Incorporating Information Literacy.” In Library Instruction for Students in Design Disciplines: Scenarios, Exercises, and Techniques, edited by Jeanne M. Brown. (ARLIS/NA Occasional Paper #13) Art Libraries Society of North America, 2002, pp. 53-73.

“Making and Unmaking in Middle-earth and Elsewhere.” Mythlore 23 (3, 2001): 56-69.

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“Research Outside the Mainstream.” Art Libraries Journal 13 (3, 1988): 5-9. [invited]

“Integration in Earthsea and Middle-earth.” San Jose Studies 14 (Winter, 1988): 63-80. [refereed]

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Book & Media Reviews (37)


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Editorial & Miscellaneous Writings

Radio Interview on J. R. R. Tolkien [with David Bratman] for KKUP, Cupertino CA community radio station. October 4, 2007, 1-3 pm.

“Synergy and Scholarly Research” [with Anne Simonson]. Books & Bytes 2 (1, Fall/Winter 2003): 3.

“Tiptoeing Into the Closet: Que(e)rying, Building, and Accessing Our Collections.” [Conference Session Report] ARLIS/NA 25th Annual Conference Proceedings (September 21, 1997)

1993-1994: Editorial Board, Art Reference Services Quarterly

1992-1999: Contributor to Butterbur’s Woodshed Amateur Press Association bimonthly (an official publication of the Mythopoeic Society)

Guest Editor & Introduction, “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”. A special issue of Art Documentation 11 (Winter, 1992). [invited]

“Alternative Art Resources: International Government Documents on Art.” [Conference Session report] Art Documentation (Summer, 1990): 72-73.

1985-1987: Column Editor, Women & Art Round Table of ARLIS; three columns per year in Art Documentation

“Foreign-Student Debate Continues,” Reaction published in “Dialogue and Debate” section of Research Strategies(Winter, 1985): 43.

1981-1984: Art Editor, Mythlore

Major Illustrations (7)

“Buffalo Gals.” Mythprint no. 96 (May, 1988): front cover.

“The Green Knight.” Mythprint no. 62 (July, 1985): front cover.

“Sam Becomes the Ring-Bearer.” Mythlore no. 36 (Summer, 1983): 5.

“The Third Road.” Mythlore no. 31 (Spring, 1982): 11.

“Beruthiel.” Mythlore no. 26 (Winter, 1981): back cover.

Reprinted with permission in Other Hands no. 3 (October, 1993): 16.

“Tolkien As Bard.” Mythlore no. 29 (Autumn, 1981): 15.

“Yavanna.” Mythlore no. 23 (March, 1980): front cover.


1997: Designed cover for American Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) Conference Program

1997: Designed cover for Fall 1997 East Asian Regional Materials and Resources Center (EARMARC) Catalog

1982: Designed button for the Library Instruction Roundtable’s program “Computers, Libraries, Learning;” distributed at American Library Association’s national conference

1981: Designed logo and brochure for “Premises, Problems, Promises: Views and Approaches to Bibliographic Instruction,” a preconference sponsored by the Bibliographic Instruction Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries of the American Library Association

Plus numerous flyers for SJSU Library functions & the California Faculty Association

Personal Commentary

Honors & Awards

BA awarded Magna Cum Laude with High Distinction (4.0) in Art History

Phi Beta Kappa, SUNY at Buffalo 1970

Who’s Who in America

Whos Who in the West

Who’s Who of American Women

Consulting & Participation in Grant-Funded Projects

2000-2003: IMAGE Project: Funded by CSU Chancellor’s Office and the CDL (Center for Digital Learning). Principal investigator, Kathleen Cohen (Art & Design). This is a project to provide free digitized images throughout the CSU, and licensed to other groups (e.g. K-12 educators). I participated in some of the early planning meetings and volunteered to serve on one of the task groups for this statewide project.

2001- 2002: Art History Information Competence Project. Funded by CSU Information Competence Projects. I created the web site for our project (including a bibliography focused on art-related information competence). I created and pilot-tested three levels of diagnostic instruments and collected appropriate faculty assignments. Although the funded portion is over, Professor Simonson continue to work on the project.

1998-2000: The Learning Project. Funded by SJSU Institute for Teaching & Learning. Principal investigators Judy Reynolds (Library) and Anne Simonson (Art & Design). This curriculum development project paired discipline faculty teaching General Education courses with reference librarians expert in the new information technologies. Working in teams, we analyzed GE courses to determine what we want/expect students to learn. The courses were re-designed and taught in special sections which stress problem-solving and critical thinking, develop information skills, and train students to become independent adult learners. I team-taught two Art History survey courses— ARTH 70A in Fall 1998 (with Anne Simonson, 47 students) and ARTH70B in Spring 1999 (with Christy Junkerman, 45 students). As part of this project I learned and utilized WebCT software to create web pages specifically for these courses. All handouts & assignments were created in HTML as well as text to post on this web page; I also uploaded and organized files for HTML student presentations in ARTH 70A.

1995: Judy Reynolds and I were hired by SJSU Continuing Education to present a session on using the Internet to find nutrition information, as part of a March 1995 workshop for nutrition professionals.

1988: I was asked by Jeff Gunderson, Librarian of the San Francisco Art Institute, to consult on collection development. The SFAI was making an effort to improve its collection of materials on women artists.

1987: I was paid to do background research for the curators/authors of the exhibition catalog, Making Their Mark: Women Artists Move Into the Mainstream 1970-1985. (See its appendix)


Crowe, Edith L.