Savage, Wayne

Savage, Wayne

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Biological Sciences

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Year Retired from SJSU

1996 (FERP 1996-2001)

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Educational Background

University of California, Berkeley, 1967 PhD

San Francisco State College, 1957 BA

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 1966-2001

Visiting Assoc. Prof., U.C., Berkeley, Summers 1971,1972

Visiting Assist. Prof., U.C., Berkeley, Summers 1966-1969

Capuchino High School, San Bruno, CA, 1959-1962

Administrative and Professional Experience

Department Chair, Biological Sciences,1984-1992

Member, SJSU Academic Senate

Member, SJSU Information and Computing Advisory Board

Selected Publications

Savage, W. 1973. Vascular plants of the Sagehen Creek Drainage Basin, Nevada County, CA. Madrono 22: 115-139.

Atwater, B.F., S.G. Conard, J.N. Dowden, C.W. Hedel, R.L. MacDonald, and W.Savage. 1979. History, landforms, and vegetation of the estuary’s tidal marshes. In Conomos, T.J. (ed.), San Francisco Bay: The Urbanized Estuary. Investigations into the Natural History of San Francisco Bay and Delta with Reference to the Influence of Man. Amer. Assoc. Advancement Science. pp. 347-385.

Savage, W., W.L Berry, and C.A. Reed. 1981. Effects of trace element stress on the morphology of developing seedlings of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. Grand Rapids) as shown by scanning electron microscopy. J. Plant Nutrition 3: 129-138.

Nguyen, H.T., J. Olson, C. DeVries, W. Savage, and D. Holtzman. 1982. Scanning electron microscopy study of lead effects on cerebral astrocytes in primary culture. Scanning Electron Microscopy. 1982, II, pp. 891-896.

D’Amelio, F.E., M.A. Gibbs, W.R. Mehler, D. E. Philpott, and W. Savage. 1986. Axoglial contacts in the area postrema of the cat: An ultrastructural study. Anat. Rec. 215: 407-412.

Berry, W.L. and W. Savage. 1986. The Dose Response Curve of Selenium in Plants. In Symposium on Selenium in the Environment. Calif. Agric. Tech. Institute CAT1/860201. pp. 61-66.

Personal Commentary

I have enjoyed my relationship with San Jose State since joining the faculty in 1966 and have worked with many exceptional colleagues and students. I had the privilege of being able to conduct research projects in the lab and in the field while teaching both undergraduate and graduate classes. In my lab, I often told my students I hoped they could have as enjoyable careers as mine.


Savage, Wayne