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Doctor of Audiology (College of Health and Human Sciences) AND Communicative Disorders and Sciences (Lurie College of Education)

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Educational Background

University of Iowa, Hearing Science, 1987 Ph.D.

CSU Fullerton, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Audiology, 1979 MA

CSU Fullerton, Communication Disorders and Sciences, 1978 BA

UC San Diego, Linguistics (two years, no degree), 1974-1976

See Professional Vitae for list of Professional Certifications

Dissertation Title

Effects of Interaural Differences in Word Recognition on Binaural Processing of Speech

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, CDS Department, 1989 – present
for list of Master’s Thesis Committee Chairperson see Professional Vitae

San Jose State University, Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Department, 2020 – present

Administrative and Professional Experience

SJSU Department Chair, CDS, 2012 and 2016

SJSU Interim Director, Doctor of Audiology, 2017-2019
Conceptualize new AuD program and implement steps to bring program to fruition.

Hearing Solutions, San Jose, CA, Co-owner of a private practice in audiology in San Jose and Santa Clara. 1994 - present

Consultant, Office of Special Education, San Jose USD 2000 – present
Provide assessments and expert opinions regarding students with central auditory processing disorders.

Consultant, Decibel Instruments, Inc., Union City, CA 1995 – 1998
Provided research and technical expertise to manufacturer of hearing test software and hearing aids.

Audiology Consultant, California Ear Institute, Palo Alto, CA, 1987 – 1989
Provided diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services in a medical practice.

Clinical Audiologist, St. Luke's Hospital, Cedar Rapids, IA 1983 – 1984

Audiology Trainee, Veterans Medical Center, Long Beach, CA 1977 - 1979


President, California Academy of Audiology, 2011-2012

Board of Directors, CAA Executive Board (2008- 2013)

Board of Directors, Weingarten Children’s Center (2010 – 2014)

For earlier service activities, see Professional Vitae

Selected Publications

California Academy of Audiology (CAA) (2013). My Baby Has a Hearing Loss: A Guide for Parents. Counseling materials developed, published, and distributed by the California Academy of Audiology for parents of children newly diagnosed with hearing loss in the state of California.

CSHA (2007). Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorders. Hamaguchi, McCullough, Novak, and Swain, Task Force Members.

McCullough, JA, Mormer, E. (2002). Matching Hearing Technology to the Needs,Goals, and Preferences of Individual Listeners. Contemp Issues in CS&D 29:101-110.

McCullough, JA, Wilson RH (2001). “Performance on a Spanish Picture-Identification Task using a Multimedia Format.” J Amer Acad Audiol 12:254-260.

Hamaguchi, P and McCullough, JA (2000). San Jose Unified School District: CAPD Referral, Identification, and Treatment Guidelines. Monograph, SJUSD, San Jose, CA.

Aleksandrovsky, IV, McCullough, JK, Wilson, RH (1998). "Development of Suprathreshold Word-Recognition Test for Russian-Speaking Patients." J Amer Acad Audiol 9:417-425.

McCullough, JK (1996). Clinical Trials with an Articulated Hearing Aid Device. Technical Report, Decibel Instruments, Union City, CA.

McCullough, JA, Wilson, RH, Birck, J, Grace, LA (1994). "A Multimedia Approach for Estimating Speech Recognition of Multilingual Clients." Amer J Audiol 3: 19-22.

McCullough, JA, Tu, C, Lew, H (1993). "Speech-spectrum Analysis of Mandarin:Implications for Hearing-aid Fittings." J Amer Acad Audiol 4:50-53.

McCullough, JA, Cunningharn, LA, Wilson, RH (1992). "Auditory-Visual Word Recognition Materials: Computer Application with Children." J Amer Acad Audiol 3: 208-213.

McCullough, JA, Abbas, PJ (1992). "Effects of Interaural Speech-Recognition Differences on Binaural Advantage for Speech in Noise.” J Amer Acad Audiol 3: 255-262.

Wilson, RH, McCullough, JK, Lilly, DJ (1984). "Acoustic-Reflex Adaptation: Morphology and Half-Life Data for Subjects with Normal Hearing." J. Speech Hrg Res 27:586-595.

Wilson, RH, Antablin, JK (1982). "A Picture Identification Task: A Reply To Dillon." J. Speech Hrg Dis 47(l):111-112.

Wilson, RH, Antablin, JK (1980). "A Picture Identification Task as an Estimate Of the Word-Recognition Performance of Non-Verbal Adults." J. Speech Hrg Dis.45(2):223-238.

See Professional Vitae for lists of Published Audio/Video Materials; Professional Conference Publications; and Funded Research Grants

Personal Commentary

Dr. June McCullough is a native of Los Angeles, California who has lived in San Jose since 1986. She has been a professor at SJSU in the Communicative Disorders and Sciences Department since 1989. Her research agenda has involved using an innovative computer-administered procedure for assessing the word recognition performance of multi-lingual patients with hearing loss. In 2011, she was awarded an Office of Special Education (OSEP) Personnel Preparation Grant ($1.25 million dollars) to support speech-language pathology graduate students who specialized in providing services to children with cochlear implants.

Dr. McCullough was a founding member of the California Academy of Audiology. She served as President of that organization in 2012. She chaired the annual conference from 2011-2013.

In 2017, Dr. McCullough was named the Interim Director of the newly proposed Doctor of Audiology program. She was instrumental in developing the curriculum, obtaining preliminary accreditations, and hiring the first faculty members. The inaugural cohort of AuD students began their studies in Fall 2019.

In addition to her academic career, Dr. McCullough is the co-owner of Hearing Solutions, a private audiology practice serving adults and children in San Jose.

Dr. McCullough has two children. Her older son is an SJSU graduate (BA in Music Performance, BA in Music Education, Single-subject credential in Music). Her younger son is a graduate of Cal Poly (English), the University of Iowa (English), and Yale Divinity School (Religion and Literature). In her spare time, Dr. McCullough is a passionate tennis player, reader, and A’s fan. She can be found mornings and evenings walking her three Jack Russell/Chihuahua pups and attempting unsuccessfully to train them not to bark at the neighborhood German Shepherds and Dobermans.



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