Castro, George

Castro, George

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College of Science

Academic Rank

Associate Dean

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

UCLA, 1960, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

UC Riverside, 1965, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry

Dartmouth College, 1965, Research Fellow, Chemistry Department

University of Pennsylvania, 1967, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Department

California Institute of Technology, 1968, Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry Department

Dissertation Title

Photoconductivity of Organic Semiconductors

Teaching Experience

17 years

Administrative and Professional Experience

36 years


10 years

Personal Commentary

After a satisfying 27 year career with IBM Research, I was fortunate to join SJSU at a time when the University was strengthening its partnerships with local K-12 schools to increase the number of underrepresented students that pursue science and math based professional careers. With the help of generous Federal Grants at the time, and the participation of Science and Math Faculty and High School teachers, we helped the East Side High School District to expand their graduation requirements to consist of two years of laboratory science and three years of college prep math.

I retired from SJSU in 2004, but came back part time in 2006 to implement a Partnership Grant with the Evergreen Valley College (EVC) to increase the number of students that successfully transfer to SJSU and persist to the baccalaureate degree. This resulted in new courses at EVC and SJSU.


Castro, George