Nichols, Patricia Causey


Nichols, Patricia Causey

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Linguistics & Language Development

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

Winthrop College (University), 1958, B.A., English

University of Minnesota, 1969, M.A., English

San José State University, 1972, M.A., Linguistics

Stanford University, 1976, Ph.D., Linguistics

Dissertation Title

"Linguistic Change in Gullah"

Teaching Experience

Hampton (VA) City Schools 1968-1960;

CA Community Colleges 1969-1972;

San José State University 1973-2000;

U of South Carolina 1980-1981.

Administrative and Professional Experience

Coordinator, English Education, 1986-1990;

Coordinator, Secondary Education Intern Program, 1998-2000


California Education Round Table -Task Force on K-12 English Standards;

SJSU Board of General Education;

President, SJSU Emeritus Faculty

Selected Publications

Voices of Our Ancestors: Language Contact in Early South Carolina, U of South Carolina Press (2009).

"Creole Languages: Forging New Identities" in Language in the USA eds. Finnegan & Rickford, Cambridge U Press 133-152 (2004).

"Pidgins and Creoles," in Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching, eds. McKay & Hornberger, Cambridge UP 195-217 (1996).

"Language in the Attic: Claiming our Linguistic Heritage," in Diversity as Resource, ed Murray, TESOL Publications 275-293 (1992).

"Networks and Hierarchies: Language and Social Stratification," in Language and Power, eds Kramarae, Schulz, & O'Barr, Sage Publications 23-42 (1984).

"Black and White Speaking in the Rural South: Difference in the Pronominal System," American Speech 58, 201-215 (1983).

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Nichols, Patricia Causey