Kurzweil, Jack

Kurzweil, Jack

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Electrical Engineering

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

Cooper Union, 1959, BSEE, Electrical Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1961, MSEE, Electrical Engineering

University of California Berkeley, 1968, PhD, Electrical Engineering

Dissertation Title

The Fraction of Good Parity Check Matrices Among Those Having Good Partial Weight Distributions

Teaching Experience


Administrative and Professional Experience

1959-1961 Industry - Radar Design

1978-1983 Industry - Telecommunications Equipment design


President of United Professors of California

President of California Faculty Association

Professional Standards Committee

University RTP Committee

Board of General Studies (with great regrets)

Selected Publications

An Introduction to Digital Communications - Wiley

An Introduction to Signal Processing and Linear Systems - in somewhat final draft

Personal Commentary

Teaching at San Jose State was actually quite a wonderful experience for me, although there certainly were times when it wasn't. From the moment that I walked onto the campus in 1968, engulfed in controversy, I found wonderful support, made new and lifelong friends, and was able to grow professionally by designing new curricula and teaching new courses, corresponding to the extraordinary changes in Silicon Valley.

The faculty union at SJSU was an ongoing part of my life and enabled me to express my social and political concerns while helping to advance the professional and economic lives of my colleagues.

The downside of this trajectory was the cumulative loss of financial support for all of education by California, making higher education expensive rather than free, having faculty and staff fall behind in their incomes, and making tenure track positions much harder for younger faculty to obtain.

I am still politically active (professionally not so much) and I'm deeply grateful to this young, multiracial generation that has taken up the process of social change. Imagine the joy of talking with young activists about renewable energy generation and storage.


Kurzweil, Jack