Douglas, Jack (1933-2012)

Douglas, Jack (1933-2012)

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Library, New College

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

Earlham College, 1951-52

University of Denver, 1959 BA; MA

Teaching Experience

San José State New College Humanities Team, 1969-1980

Administrative and Professional Experience

John Steinbeck Research Center Director (SJSU), 1981-83

Library Special Collections and Archives (SJSU), Head, 1984-96

San Jose Historic Landmarks Commission, President, 1981-84; Member, 1981-90

Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission, 1992-98

Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History (SJSU), 1980-

Selected Publications

Historical Highlights of Santa Clara Valley, 2005

Historic San Jose, Tales of Naglee Park; 1998

Historical Footnotes of Santa Clara Valley,1993

World Directory of Musicians and Composer Societies,1977

Articles in the following journals: Notes;Library Journal; British Music; Beethoven Journal; Wagner Journal; Book Club of California Quarterly; Learning Today; Le Grand Baton; San José Studies.

Personal Commentary

My first college experience at a friendly Quaker school inspired me to choose education as a profession. It also taught me that social events and extracurricular activities could be an important adjunct to the classroom experience. I brought this philosophy to SJSU, where I helped to start a foreign film series, the University book talks, recreational reading areas in the library, and other outreach efforts.

Being a member of the interdisciplinary New College program was the most fulfilling and enjoyable experience of my years as SJSU. It allowed me to help build and be one of a close community of students and faculty, where creativity and innovation were part of the academic experience.

Date Completed: May 2010


Douglas, Jack (1933-2012)