Fischl, Louis J. (1923-2015)

Fischl, Louis J. (1923-2015)

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Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

University of Santa Clara, 1966 J.D.

Stanford University, 1954 M.B.A.

Stanford University, 1948 A.B.

Teaching Experience

San José State University, 1956-1992

Menlo School, Menlo Park CA, 1955-1956

Administrative and Professional Experience

Retail Pharmaceutical Business, 1948-1955

Selected Publications

"May the Defense of the Statute of Frauds be Invoked by Third Parties?" (5 Santa Clara Lawyer 87).

Eminent Domain: Excess Condemnation . . . A Recently Validated Theory‑­Avoidance of Severance Damages" (California Law Revision Commission, 1969).

"Legal Environment‑‑Its Current Treatment in Business Law Curricula and Texts" (American Business Law Association, 1968).

"What is an Antique Slot Machine? California Law Does Not Define 'Antique' Slot Machine" (The CoinSlot, Number 71, January, 1981).

Are There Constitutional Limitations on the Confiscation of Illegal Slot Machines by Law Enforcement Officers?" (Part I ‑ The Coin Slot, Number 75, May, 1981; Part II ‑ The Coin Slot, Number 76, June, 1981).

Audio Visual Materials on Contracts(Lansford Publishing Company, 1976)

Rights, Obligations, and Liabilities in the Legal Environment of Business, (Spartan Book Store, 1980)

Buyers and Sellers: The Law of Sales Transactions(Spartan Book Store, 1980)

Orders and Promises. The Law of Commercial Paper (Spartan Book Store, 1975).

Debtors and Creditors: The Law of Secured Transactions (Spartan Book Store, 1982).

Cases and Materials on the Law of Contracts(Spartan Book Store, 1984).

Personal Commentary

My mother's family moved from Missouri to Glasgow, Montana, when she was a young girl. My father's family moved from Illinois to Helena, Montana, when he was a young boy. My father's older brother, worked for a time in Glasgow and dated my mother, but he became enamored with another young lady, and introduced my father to my mother. Eventually, my father’s older brother married his young lady, and, in 1916, my father and mother eloped to Havre, Montana, to get married. They settled in Helena, where my father owned a drug store, My sister was born in 1918. Five years later, I arrived on the scene. My mother and sister were having health problems, and the physician recommended a warmer climate. The family arrived in Oakland in the fall of 1927. My father operated two drug stores in Berkeley and a pharmacy in Oakland. I started working in one of the stores at a very early age and performed all sorts of "odd" jobs ... e.g., delivery boy, stock boy, soda jerk, clerk, and janitor. One of the stores was just two blocks from Sather Gate at the University of California, and the campus environment became an important part of my life. A football scout for the University took me to many games at Stanford, and that is how my desire to attend Stanford was initiated. (My sister remained "loyal" to Berkeley and graduated from there in 1941.) My college experience was temporarily interrupted by service in the military during World War II. From June of 1943 until March of 1946, I served, at various times, as a drill instructor in the old Army Air Corps at Amarillo Field, Texas; a student in the Army Specialized Training Program at Berkeley; a student in Signal Corps Intelligence at Arlington Hall in Arlington, Virginia; a translator in the Second Signal Service Battalion at Two Rock Ranch, Petaluma, California; and, toward the end of hostilities in the Pacific, an M.P. at Two Rock Ranch. Upon discharge from the Armed Forces in 1946, I went to work for my father full time. (I had always worked at one of the stores during vacations and often on weekends.) For many reasons, I decided that I did not want to remain in this line of work the rest of my life. Since I had always admired and enjoyed the campus environment, I decided to try teaching. I soon discovered that it was the type of challenge I needed and the type of life style I enjoyed. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to become associated with so many marvelous colleagues and students over the years.

Date Completed: 6/96; Updated 11/27/09

Adapted from: Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997: A Project of the Emeritus Faculty Association of San Jose State University. San Jose, CA: The University, 1997.


Fischl, Louis J. (1923-2015)