Wilson, Robert H. (1923-2021)

Wilson, Robert H. (1923-2021)

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Sociology/Social Science

Academic Rank


Year Retired from SJSU

1987 (FERP 1967-1995) Taught one Sociology class per year 1995-UNTIL 20002

Educational Background

Washington State University, Higher Ed. Admin and Sociology,1958 Ed.D

Washington State University, Sociology and Bachelor of Education, 1947 MA

Eastern Washington University, 1946 BA

Harvard for Navy class, Fall 1944

Midshipman School Notre Dame, Oct-43 and Jan.1944

Dickinson State University, Summer-Fall 1943

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 1959 - 1995 Sociology and Social Science plus one Sociology course a year until 2002

Eastern Washington State University, Summer 1959 instructor (ED. Soc.)

Wenatchee Valley College, 1955 - 1959 Sociology Instructor

Ephrata High School, 1953- 1955 Instructor and Counseling

Whitworth College, 1950 - 1952 Sociology

Lind High School Lind WA., 1947 -1949 Science & Coach

Administrative and Professional Experience

With support from Dean Moorhead created and directed Social Science Program/Dept., 1965-1987.

Director Social Science Administrative Center 1983-87

Assistant to Head of Sociology department, Fall 1962

Acting Dean College of Social Science, July 12 - 30, 1976

Member SJSU Academic Senate (Chair Finance Committee}

Member CSU Academic Senate

Member and Chair University Teacher Education Committee

Recipient of College of Social Science award to faculty member for Meritorious Service, 1990

Member SJSU ERFA and executive board

Member CSU ERFA and a SJSU Rep to State Meetings

Selected Publications

Lester F. Ward and the Theory Gynaecocracy, International Social Science Review, Vol. 57 art. 9 Summer 1982

Students, Today, Tomorrow, Perspectives SCCC for the Social Studies, Vol. Xii Article 1

Exploring Changing Roles of Women and Men, History and Political Science, vol. XV111 art. 4

Social Studies Teachers and the Challenge of the Future, Social Science Review Vol.23 No. 3 pp. 70-72 Spring 1984

Guest editor one issue of SCCSS Social Science Review

Personal Commentary

While walking across the campus one day with an outstanding scholar, teacher and friend, Charles Burdick, he said to me, “Bob, Do you realize how lucky we are to have the careers we have, doing what we most enjoy.” Charlie was so right.

As one whose lifetime has spanned a Depression, a War and many years of teaching, I add how fortunate that the majority of these years have been at San Jose State. It has been so fulfilling to be involved in departmental and campus matters with outstanding faculty, staff and students.

I can only conclude by stating that San Jose State is truly an outstanding University and I can only repeat how fortunate I was to have had a career here.

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Wilson, Robert H. (1923-2021)