Publication Date

Summer 2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Marcos Pizarro


Authentic caring, Cariño, Confianza, Latino male students, Respect, Trust

Subject Areas

Educational leadership


Latinos attending California’s public schools often feel disconnected, unwelcome, and unsafe. This qualitative interview study uses the grounded theory approach to provide a platform for the voices of Latino male high school students to explain their experiences. This approach allows for understanding of why a large number of them are transferred from their schools to alternative settings which in turn greatly limit and often prevent them from continuing their education. Many describe experiences of rejection and hostility causing them to drop out, or to have no interest in furthering their education. Findings illustrate the impact of their perception of Required Caring [Cariño Laboral] versus Authentic Caring [Auténtico cariño], and the development and/or lack of development of Respect [Respeto] and Trust [confianza] as students of color and as human beings. These findings support the urgent need for training of school leadership to reflect on their practices and approaches in order to recognize that their Latino male students’ perspectives could create a culture of mistrust, fear, and ultimately separation. This adequate training would provide a substantial effort to begin paying down the educational debt that we owe to students of color.