Publication Date

Summer 2019

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Arnold Danzig


California, Education, Implementation Science, MTSS, Rural School, Student intervention

Subject Areas

Educational leadership


Rural schools face a different set of challenges that most urban school do not,

such as geographical proximity to qualified staffing, educational and student resources, budgets based upon a smaller student population, access technology and isolation. The purpose of the research was to examine how rural schools and rural school leaders are confronting the challenge of implementing MTSS with limited resources. The researcher used the lens of implementation science as a methodological framework for examining the implementation of MTSS. The researcher used a mixed method design to collect survey data from thirty-eight rural school educators and to collect data from three rural educators through interviews. Finding from the data collected were, a universal screening tool is needed by classroom teachers to evaluate and measure the social and behavioral needs of students, the context of the school or organization needs to be considered when additional resources are required for rural schools to implement a comprehensive MTSS system, training and professional development need to be tailored to meet the unique needs of rural schools, tiered levels of support are needed for all aspects of the organization to implement MTSS, rural schools need a voice in developing program and policies at the state level to ensure the unique needs of rural schools are being considered.