Publication Date

Spring 2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Bradley Porfilio


Educational Leadership, Epistemology, Filipinx American, Higher Education, Leadership, Subaltern

Subject Areas

Higher education administration; Educational leadership; Epistemology


The purpose of this study was to explore the phenomenon of Filipinx American subaltern leadership epistemologies by unveiling participant life histories, alongside participant leadership approaches and practices carried-out in institutions of higher education in the Unites States. The unique experiences made available in this study provided for an emergence of critical examination into untapped narratives; valuable data from Filipinx voices who, in the research literature about Filipinx Americans, are cited as invisible in educational settings. In-depth qualitative phenomenological research utilizing a three-interview series approach was used to explore and charter the connections between lived experience and current leadership epistemologies for six participants. Thematic leadership epistemologies for each participant centered around the theme of harmony and managing experiences of subalternity. Additionally, overall emergent themes accounting for the enactment of organizational harmony, community, and togetherness ran across all participant feedback, and were tied to expressions of early life experiences. The novel findings of this study offer diverse, rich, and complex narratives of diasporic Filipinx American postcolonial ways of knowing, enacting, and leading within institutions upheld to respond to the call for inclusivity in higher education.