Publication Date

Summer 2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)




Robert Gliner


ACE, Exploratory research, Latino Males, School Discipline, Trauma

Subject Areas

Educational leadership


The purpose of this study was to critically evaluate the deleterious connection between traditional school discipline practices and male Latino students who have endured adverse childhood experiences. This study examined Latino male students’ testimonials and understanding of their educational trajectories as they encounter adverse childhood experiences as well as their perceptions towards punitive disciplinary practices. This exploratory research utilized a documentary film design methodology and examined the perceptions of Latino male students, counselors, administrators and district official in an urban school district located in northern California. The study drew upon qualitative data collected in video format through student participants’ and educators’ informal and formal interviews. Critical Race Theory conceptual framework was use for this exploratory study. The documentary film, “Kicked Out” illuminates the unintended consequences and significant implications that emanated from disproportionate school disciplinary practices on youth with trauma. The findings derived from this documentary study brings about needed dialogue focused upon the intersection of punitive school discipline policies, school systems, racial inequalities and perpetuated trauma in schools. Findings also suggests that educators and school staff who work in alternative school settings, inherently provided a more caring and empathetic environment.