Publication Date

Spring 2015

Degree Type

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Danette Dutra, Chair

Second Advisor

Ginny Fong

Third Advisor

Donna Chee


Interprofessional collaboration, Physician's attitude, Advance practice nurse, Interprofessional education


Effective interprofessional collaboration has been shown to be beneficial for both patients and providers. Yet collaboration between physicians and advanced practiced nurses (APNs) has been problematic. Little was known about such collaboration in an ethnic group like the Chinese community. This quantitative descriptive capstone project was to assess the perception among physicians, who are the members of the Chinese Community Healthcare Association in the San Francisco area, toward collaboration with APNs. The study also attempted to gain insight of collaborative attitudes of physicians in the Chinese community in order to fill the gap in the literature in this area. Data collection involved mail and online survey methods, using a modified Jetlerson Scale of Attitudes toward physician-nurse collaboration and six researchergenerated questions. 44 out of 217 physicians participated in the study. Results indicated the physicians in the Chinese community carried the same attitude toward APNs as their colleagues from other ethnicities, and physician dominant authority was deeply rooted in this physician group. Gender or age seems to have no effect on physician's fttitude, and primary care :.. physicians tend to have a more positive attitude than the specialists. Personal, interpersonal and cultural influences seem to be relativel y weak factors, yet the professional and organizational influences had more substantial effects on collaboration attitudes. Future studies are needed to better comprehend cultural or ethnicity's impact on providers' attitude toward collaboration.


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