Publication Date


Degree Type

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Danette Dutra

Second Advisor

Andrea Tenner

Third Advisor

Be-veryln Navarro


homeless patients, hospital discharge, follow-up care


The San Francisco General Hospital emergency department has a high occurrence of homeless patients that are lost to follow-up after discharge. This Doctor of Nursing Practice project conducted a survey to evaluate the social determinants of health among this population and how they influence the participant’s ability to follow-up. This is the first phase of a three-phase project involving assessment and evaluation. The second and third phases of this project will center on intervention and re-evaluation after intervention. The survey was administered to eligible participants who presented to the emergency department at San Francisco General Hospital. Fifty participants were surveyed on demographic information including their age, ethnicity, education, gender, income, and preferred language. Participants were then asked to rate economic stability, physical environment, education, food, community resources, and healthcare and how they impacted their ability to follow-up. Results from this survey showed economic stability, physical environment, and access to healthcare were the most commonly reported social determinants of health participants felt influenced their ability to follow-up. This evaluation showed that these social determinants of health necessitate consideration in this particular population.


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