Publication Date

Spring 2022

Degree Type

Doctoral Project

Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Denise Dawkins


Opioids, Multimodal, Postoperative postpartum


A multimodal plan of care to manage pain can effectively help reduce the risk of opioid dependency and addiction. The concerns about the rise in the rate of new persistent opioid use among women exposed in postpartum indicate a need for a practice change in managing pain after birth. This retrospective study evaluated the impact of implementing a multimodal plan of care in treating the pain of the postoperative postpartum patient. A notable finding was that fewer milligrams of opioids were administered after a practice change. The mean total was significantly different between the pre-and post-group, with a higher percentage of non-opioids administered to treat and manage postoperative postpartum pain. The literature and this retrospective review have shown that it is possible to manage and treat postoperative postpartum pain using a multimodal plan of care to decrease the overall need for opioids.


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