Publication Date

Spring 2023

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Robert Chun

Second Advisor

Ben Reed

Third Advisor

Thomas Austin


Kubernetes, Stateful Databases, NoSQL


With the increasing popularity of deploying applications in containers, Kubernetes (K8s) has become one of the most accepted container orchestration systems. Kubernetes helps maintain containers smoothly and simplifies DevOps with powerful automations. It was originally developed as a tool to manage stateless microservices that run seamlessly in containers. The ephemeral nature of pods, the smallest deployable unit, in Kubernetes was well-aligned with stateless applications since destroying and recreating pods didn’t impact applications. There was a need to provision solutions around stateful workloads like databases so as to take advantage of K8s. This project explores this need, the challenges associated and the available solutions for running databases in Kubernetes. Most of the current research is focused towards SQL-like databases in K8s even though the DNA of NoSQL distributed databases is more aligned with K8s. With no research being done with NoSQL databases, this project outlines the process behind setting up two famous NoSQL databases in K8s: MongoDB and Cassandra. The project also shows a representative viewpoint of the performance comparison between them using the YCSB benchmark. The project lays a foundation around the setup of these databases using K8s Operators and their benchmarking. The goal of the project is to describe the advantages of having databases in K8s, provide developers a clear path for setup and provide insights on basic benchmark performance.