Publication Date


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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Resource-sharing techniques are widely used by VOD servers. Stream merging is one of the most efficient resource-sharing techniques. ERMT is able to achieve merge trees with the closest cost of optimal merge tree. Full VCR support has become a “must have” feature for VOD services. This researcher proposed an algorithm to enable VCR support on ERMT. Furthermore, client local buffer and fixed-interval periodical multicasting were also deployed by the algorithm to improve the stream-client ratio. After thorough runs of simulations and numerous comparisons to BEP, the highly efficient resource- sharing technique, the proposed algorithm with client local buffer utilization and fixed- interval multicasting showed better performance in all simulations. The biggest discovery is that the best-performer is modified ERMT with client local buffer support for VCR without fixed-interval multicasting. Another discovery is that bigger client buffer size hurts the performance of ERMT.