Publication Date

Spring 2011

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Chris Tseng

Second Advisor

Chris Pollett

Third Advisor

Mark Stamp


ebook content management system security


In this internet and smart-phone era paper books are almost obsolete. Many developers have come up with the eBooks which can be read online on computer or on a smart-phone. Users can now access them offline any time without carrying a bulky pBook (Paper Book). The stable eBook application should restrict and control the use of contents to protect the copyrights. Encryption and enforcement of digital policies are generally managed by Digital Rights Management (DRM). The stable system for online as well as offline readers safeguard the intellectual properties for authors, publishers by providing a protection to their digital content, secure eBook distribution, authentication, authorization, market involvement, and monetary transactions [1, 2, 3].
Content Piracy has always been a prime issue in managing a Library System. To safeguard against piracy, publishers need to control and track whether the user is authorized or not and up to how much extent the privileges should be provided [4]. Publishers, authors are concerned about the revenue lost over unauthorized, unpaid access to their valuable contents and efforts as well. This is an old issue with pBooks that has now come in the forefront with the introduction of online and offline eBook applications. A solution needs to be proposed to provide a good user experience and content security, and integrity for publishers.
In this project, we will explore how the user restrictions and access controls can be enforced using a Content Management System (CMS). Drupal [17], Joomla [18], and WordPress [19] are few of the powerful CMSs where a developer has to integrate various modules with core modules and configure them as per the need of an organization. We will focus on effective use of Drupal for importing an eBook (e.g. .doc, .docx etc. formats) to Drupal for managing user and administrative policies to develop an eLibrary System for University environment.