Publication Date

Spring 2011

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Chris Tseng

Second Advisor

Soon Tee Teoh

Third Advisor

Steve Crunk


medical databases mobile devices


Mobile devices such as smart phones, the iPhone, and the iPad have become more popular in recent years. With access to the Internet through cellular or WIFI networks, these mobile devices can make use of the great source of information available on the Internet. Unlike a desktop or laptop computer, an Internet enabled mobile device is designed to be carried around and available to the owner almost instantly at any moment of the day. Despite having such great advantage and potential, searching for information with a mobile device remains a difficult task. Mobile device users have to juggle between different search engines through the web browser to seek useful information. The small screen of most mobile devices makes it very difficult to interact with the search engines using the device's web browser. This project focuses on the development of a mobile application that attempts to make information searching easier for mobile device users. In addition, the application is designed to answer search queries that are related to the medical field. Search query in the medical field requires more selective results and that the results come from trusted 4 sources before it can be used. The application addresses this problem by introducing a database of community knowledge designed to store credible medically related articles that could help answer medical specific search queries. This would help minimize the need to look for answers from the Internet, which often could contain unreliable information. In addition to answering search queries, the application also allows user to store personal medical records and conveniently share that information as needed using email.