Publication Date

Fall 2012

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Side channel attacks (SCA) are attacks on the implementations of cryptographic algorithms or cryptography devices that do not employ full brute force attack or exploit the weaknesses of the algorithms themselves. There are mant types of side channel attacks, and they include timing, sound, power consumptions, electromag- netic (EM) radiations, and more. A statistical side channel attack technique that uses power consumption and EM readings was developed, and they are called Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and Differential Electromagnetic Analysis respectively. DPA takes the overall power consumption readings from the system of interest, and DEMA takes a localized EM readings from the system of interest. In this project, we will examine the effectiveness of both techniques and compare the results. We will compare the techniques based on the amount of resource and time they needed to perform a successful SCA on the same system. In addition, we will attempt to use a radio receiver to down mix the power consumption readings and the EM readings to reduce the amount of computing resources it takes to perform SCA. We will provide our test results of performing SCA with DPA and DEMA, and we will also compare the results to determine the effectiveness of the two techniques.