Publication Date

Fall 2013

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


Collecting users into groups is a common activity in social networking sites such as Facebook, Google groups, Yahoo groups and many other web applications. This project explores access control techniques for dynamically created groups. The starting point was Yioop [1], a PHP-based search engine. The ability to create social groups was added to Yioop. The Grouping feature is enhanced by adding additional features like: blogs and pages for each individual user and as well as for groups of users. Access control is provided to every group and each user within a group based on the ownership of the group or blog. Adding these features along with the access control techniques allows users to use Yioop as a searchable social networking website. Techniques for automatically adding the access levels to groups and blogs have been explored. Activities like changing the group privacy options and transferring the administrative privileges to users within a group were implemented. Experiments were conducted to compare the access control methods of the existing social networking sites with the access control methods in Yioop and based on the comparisons it can be said that Yioop now includes the basic access control methods that a user likes to have.