Publication Date


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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


In today’s world, knowledge transfer is considered an important and essential activity for the success of an enterprise. Large corporations have realized the need to reuse existing knowledge rather than spend time and effort on solving the same problems again. For these reasons, most corporations now have knowledge repositories. These repositories are visited for possible solutions whenever there is a problem that cannot be easily resolved by using the expertise of the existing team. Apart from this, the problems faced by the people in the company can also be resolved by asking for help from expert in that problem domain. This approach proves to be more efficient in terms of time and manual efforts, while also saving resources. This report proposes a strategy of finding an expert in a required domain by analyzing a company’s social network i.e. communication amongst its employees. Efficiently finding an expert is one of the most important tasks currently faced by the information industry and this problem has not been sufficiently addressed in the past. Conducting further research in this field can improve the time required to solve critical time-sensitive problems in an enterprise environment, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise