Publication Date

Spring 2017

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Chris Pollett

Second Advisor

Robert Chun

Third Advisor

Rajesh Navantheenakrishnan


Multi-way Web Based Barter Exchange, auction systems


People who work in an office often have different pools of resources that they want to exchange. They want to trade their resources/work(seller) with a person who wants that particular resource(buyer) and in return get another resource the buyer offers. These kind of exchanges are often called Barter-exchanges where an item is traded for another item without the involvement of actual money. An exchange is set to be complete when there is a match between an available item and a desired item. This exchange is called direct exchange. When an item desired by one user is made available through a series of intermediate exchanges this is called as multi-lateral exchange. In this project, I designed an online bartering system with multi-lateral possibilities. The algorithm implemented by the system supports multi-way trades using a graph data structure and then searches the graph for paths to effect the trade. The algorithm also identifies a sequence of trades through at least one intermediate trader that will complete the trades of the two original traders. The system starts with the search for direct exchange for a given scenario. If no such exchange is found, then the system starts looking for an indirect exchange. The system also incorporates a rating mechanism to provide user ratings based on successfully completed trades. A/B testing and stress testing was performed to test the reliability and efficiency of our system.