Publication Date

Fall 2017

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Urban and Regional Planning

First Advisor

Karthika Sasikumar


Immigration, Legal services, Legalization process, Community-based organizations


There are many non-profit organizations which provide immigration and other legal services to immigrants in Santa Clara County. However, the capacity of legal services providers and their partners still face daunting challenges when trying to meet an overwhelming need that contrasts with limited resources (McAllister, 2015). Under these circumstances, the quality and effectiveness of immigration legal service providers in delivering their services is a subject of concern for immigrant groups. Community-based organizations are best suited to help immigrants with the legalization process (Cordero-Guzman, 2005) and their integration into the economic, political, and social mainstream in the long run.

The Immigration & Citizenship Program (ICP) has been established to help low-income immigrants with quality immigration legal services (Limas, personal communication, September 13, 2017). To determine the effectiveness of ICP in providing immigration legal services in Santa Clara County, the present study used a program evaluation to answer whether the program ultimately fulfills the community needs.