Publication Date


Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


This project is about implementing a food menu application for users to search and upload food information by using a mobile phone. People sometimes may just know what food they wish to eat instead of the restaurants' name. Without knowing any restaurants' names, our food application's search only requires the name of the dish (e.g., hamburger, spaghetti, etc) in order to get the list of restaurants that serve these items and their corresponding information (e.g., location, hours, phone number, item's price, etc.). An advantage of using my food application is the system not only includes Google Map, but any information other users have inputted. When a user wants to input a food item, one can either upload the item's picture or a template picture to the server and input the rating and comments about the specific food item. With the rating option, my project calculates a cumulative rating result based around the original and other user's input. There is also the option of having the users input a zip code to better identify where to find the food. Based on the phone's capability, the system also needs to figure out the physical phone location. This requires the phone to receive the GPS signal. As a result, users can search/upload the local restaurants' food without inputting the current location.