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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Colleen O'Leary Kelley,

Second Advisor

Phyllis M. Connolly


A quasi-experimental one-group pretest posttest design was used to evaluate the effectiveness of a humor workshop on the perceived stress of a sample of nurse practitioner students (n = 9) at a major university. Testing aimed at measuring perceived stress, was completed before and after participation in a" orkshop focusing on the application of humor skills in the healthcare environment. For the total sample, the mean pretest score was 15.22, SD = 5.42 and the mean posttest score was 1 0.33, SD = 3.90. A dependent samples !-test revealed a statistically significant difference (t = 4.55, p < .002). Results indicate that participation in a humor workshop of this type may be associated with lower levels of perceived stress.

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