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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Marian K. Yoder

Second Advisor

Debrayh Gaylle


Nursing Students, Class size, Empowerment, Learning Experience


Due to increases in enrollment and budget cuts in many states, college class sizes are reaching unprecedented sizes (Carpenter, 2006). Nursing schools are facing the same challenges. Only limited research has been conducted on the effects of class size on nursing students' perception of empowerment Conger (1989) defines empowerment as the act of reinforcing one's belief in his or her perception of competence. Empowerment is important for nursing students' education (Chally, 1992). To achieve the optimal learning experience in face of increasing class size, it is important to explore how nursing students experience learning in both small and large class environments. This study surveyed 71 BSN students enrolled in both small- and large-size classes on their perceptions of empowerment The study's findings showed statistically significant differences in favor of smail classes positively impacting the students' perceptions of empowerment and the quality of their individual learning experiences.

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