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Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Irene Daniels-Lewis

Second Advisor

Karen Bawel-Brinkley


The purpose of this study was to measure nursing students' attitudes towards older adults and to determine, if possible, factors which affect nursing students' attitudes toward older adults. A convenience sample of 94 senior, pre-licensed, baccalaureate nursing students, at a metropolitan university school of nursing in community and acute settings participated in the study. This non-experimental, descriptive survey focused on nursing students' attitudes towards older adults using the Kogan's Attitude Towards Old People Scale (KOP). A researcher developed questionnaire was also used to collect demographic information, as well as academic and non-academic experiences of students. The findings of this study showed a young, predominantly female, more Asian than non-Asian sample, with students having varied academic experiences with older adults. Being a caregiver to a grandparent was the most common non-academic experience of students, followed by no experiences at all with older adults. KOP results showed a very homogenous sample with KOP scores similar to those in other studies.

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