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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)



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Susan O. Murphy

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Christine Hooper


The role transition from student nurse to new graduate nurse commonly includes a preceptor relationship. Preceptorships are often the culminating nursing education experience for senior baccalaureate nurses and are used as well for orienting new graduates as they begin their staff nurse role in the hospital setting. The preceptee is paired with an experienced nurse who is charged with supporting, teaching, and exemplifying safe and competent patient care. In many cases preceptors are ascribed the task of independently validating the preceptee's ability to exercise clinical judgment. Today's health care environment requires nurses to be proficient critical thinkers. Patients need more complex care delivered in a shortened time frame in a technology-laden environment and with a frequently changing knowledge base. In addition, nursing practice continues to become increasingly autonomous. How do nursing students safely transition from task orientation to safe, competent, and independent practice?

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