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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)



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Lori Rodriguez

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Kathy Abriam-Yago


Perceptions of the relationships between nurses and staff were evaluated from a faculty perspective to uncover the ways that the faculty react, respond, and help to support students. During interviews with faculty, access to practice and clinical unit atmosphere emerged as themes. Faculty described nurses granting access to practice by mentoring students and involving them in the entire care of the patient, or nurses who limited students' access to practice through unprofessional behavior, or "cutting corners." Unit atmosphere influenced learning both positively and negatively depending on inclusion of students, morale, and welcoming behaviors of staff. Faculty acted as guides and assisted students with conflicts between theory and practice.·Faculty reported enhanced relationships with nursing staff and experiences for students if employed at facility of if placement in facility was over an extended period. Implications for practice include improving communication between students, staff, and management, preparing students for the placement, and recognizing the staff nurse's role in the education of students both verbally and in writing.

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