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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Irene Gonzales

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Deborah Nelson


Given the proliferation of online courses in university education, continuous evaluation is imperative to ensure quality. This study utilized a quantitative descriptive design using a questionnaire to explore the perceived adequacy and acceptance of distance learning in undergraduate health related courses. Questions were designed to elicit students' reactions to teaching methods, course content, and how the format influenced their learning. Overall, acceptance of online courses is high. Most of the students were willing to take another online course in the future. Respondents felt that online courses offer more flexibility, encourage both independent and critical thinking skills, and that the course materials reinforce the learning process. Students also felt that educators were able to adequately explain concepts, provide sufficient assistance, and that the instruction was both current and at the appropriate level. Both students and faculty will benefit from the study by helping to facilitate the improved quality of online courses.

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Other Nursing Commons