Publication Date


Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Daryl L. Canham

Second Advisor

Susan O. Murphy


children with Type 1 diabetes, parental perception, knowledge, accommodation, communication, confidence, satisfaction, school nursing


The purpose of this study was to examine parental perceptions related to the care and management of children with Type 1 diabetes at school. Parents of elementary and middle school-age children with Type 1 diabetes completed a survey questionnaire, which included one open-ended question. The questionnaire was developed by the researchers based on original questionnaires by Nabors, Lehmkuhl, Christos, and Andreone (2003) and Lewis, Powers, Goodenough and Poth (2003 ). Permission to use and modify the questionnaires was provided by Nabors and Poth. Results from this study showed a split in parental satisfaction regarding care provided by school personnel in the following areas: level of knowledge and skills on diabetes, ability to handle a hypoglycemic episode, communication between parents and school, and accommodation in meeting the needs of the child at school. The majority of parents offered suggestions for school nurses and school personnel regarding the care of children with diabetes. Suggestions included the need for training and education, more support, and better communication. Findings from this study provide evidence to support specific content for educating school staff, a greater presence of licensed personnel, and more open communication between families and school personnel.