Publication Date


Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science


This report presents performance study of the FMIPv6-based cross-layer handover scheme for VoIP supports over mobile WiMAX network. For this performance validation and evaluation, the handover delays for four different handover mechanisms are formulated and ns2 based simulation module has been developed. The handover delay, the total delay, and the R factor representing VoIP quality are measured to evaluate the VoIP support characteristics of the FMIPv6-based cross-layer scheme. Simulation results verified that the proposed FMIPv6-based cross-layer handover scheme, compared to the non-cross-layer scheme, successfully reduces total handover delay by almost 50% for the case of layer-3 handover. Further, simulation was also evaluated in terms of R factor indicating voice quality level, of which 70 is a minimum value of a traditional PSTN call to be considered as the lower limit of a VoIP call quality [6]. Through the simulation in this study, the result revealed that the proposed scheme effectively improves VoIP call quality from unacceptable quality to acceptable quality (R factor of 75). Based on these simulation results, it was found that the proposed FMIPv6-based cross-layer handover scheme is an adequate protocol for supporting VoIP services in mobile WiMAX environment.