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Master's Project

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Master of Science (MS)




The unique cultural ways of Cambodian refugee families, combined with the physical and psychological health problems inherent in their refugee experience, present challenging and rewarding opportunities for school nurses to engage in the process of transcultural nursing. The authors discuss the profound and devastating impact of the refugee experience upon the mind, body, and spirit of Cambodian children. The purpose of this exploratory and descriptive study was to understand the nature and meaning of a school district's cross-cultural team's experiences of providing health care for Cambodian refugee children. Focus group interviews of school nurses and Cambodian liaisons were conducted, utilizing Dobson's (1989) conceptual framework of transcultural health visiting as a guiding theoretical perspective. The concepts of transcultural and intracultural reciprocity as experienced with Cambodian refugees were explored and described in this qualitative study. The multifaceted roles of Cambodian liaisons emerged as vital components to successful connections with Cambodian refugee families.