Computer and Communication Networks, 2nd Edition

Computer and Communication Networks, 2nd Edition


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An 810-page text book, with a successful word-wide university adoption record of its 1st edition first establishes a solid foundation in basic computer networking concepts, TCP/IP schemes, wireless networking, Internet applications, and network security. Next, Mir delves into the mathematical analysis of networks, as well as advanced networking protocols. Students and researchers will find up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of: Packet-switched networks and Internet protocols, including IPv6 Links LAN protocols Wireless networks (Wi-Fi and 4G LTE) Transport protocols Applications and management Network security Delay analysis Network QoS High-speed network protocols VoIP and multimedia networking Optical networks Multicasting protocols Voice/video compression Sensor/mesh networks Router/switching system design, and more. Department of Electrical Engineering

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Pearson Prentice-Hall

Computer and Communication Networks, 2nd Edition