Information Services Today: An Introduction, Second Edition

Information Services Today: An Introduction, Second Edition


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This second edition of Information Services Today: An Introduction demonstrates the ever-changing landscape of information services today and the need to re-evaluate curriculum, competency training, and one’s personal learning network in order to stay abreast of current trends and issues, and more significantly, remain competent to address the changing user needs of the information community.

Specifically, the book
• provides a thorough introduction, history, and overall state of the field,
• gives a diverse and global perspective of what it means to be a library and information professional today,
• addresses why information organizations and information and technological literacy are more important today than ever before,
• discusses how technology has influenced the ways that information professionals provide information resources and services in today's digital environment,
• highlights current issues and trends and provides expert insight into emerging challenges, innovations, and opportunities for the future, and,
• identifies career management strategies and leadership opportunities in the information profession.

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Information Services Today: An Introduction, Second Edition