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Chinese Philosophy


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Chinese philosophy has been shaped over the last 3000 years by various movements, schools of philosophical thought, philosophical ways of thinking and their thinkers. The rich resources of Chinese philosophy and their value and significance to the common philosophical enterprise, especially to the development of contemporary philosophy and contemporary society, have been recognized, captured and elaborated through contemporary philosophical scholarship in studied of Chinese philosophy. Through a comprehensive survey of relevant substantial writings in this scholarship, this collection will provide a systematic, in-depth but accessible, and up-to-date examination of major resources of Chinese philosophy in view of how they can substantially contribute to various topics and issues in philosophy.

The collection will be organized into four distinct but complementary volumes which as a whole give a synoptic view of the major issues, conceptions, approaches, and current engaging exploration in studies of Chinese philosophy. With an introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, Chinese Philosophy provides everything a scholar needs to break into the field, and is an invaluable reference work for the expert.

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Chinese Philosophy