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Artist Statement

I am a builder with an affinity for found objects employing a variety of materials and processes. I create whimsical assemblages that explore domestic relationships including themes related to identity, gender roles, labor, work equity, and contemporary parenting. These themes, although personal in origin, speak to the human condition and the complexities of interpersonal relationships. There is nothing exceptional about home, marriage, and family, so I find it natural to incorporate ordinary household objects as I visually explore the dynamics of domestic relationships and everyday lives.

Found objects speak volumes, they have personal resonance; they are a visual invitation to a conversation. Most of my work is built from used household objects acquired from my own home, friends, garage sales or thrift stores. I purposely select used and imperfect objects because the wear and tear etched into their surfaces is the authentic residue of lives lived.

In some pieces I substitute concrete or bronze for the original found objects transforming them into more enduring monumental objects which confers an element of absurdity. I use repetition, overabundance, and implied motion to conjure the viewer’s own experience of never-ending household chores, overwhelming demands and the chaos of contemporary life. I am influenced by surrealist imagery and my manipulation of materials strives to reflect the idiom “things are not always what they seem”. I invite the viewer to consider serious content by employing humor, absurdity and exaggeration.

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