Quantum Computing and Other Transformative Technologies


Quantum Computing and Other Transformative Technologies


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This book explores quantum computing as a transformative technology and its applications in communications, cryptography, teleportation, IoT, AI, and blockchain, in addition to the revolutionary concept of quantum internet. It also explains the concept of dark, small, thick data, and clarifies what the concept of a data lake. Other exciting technologies like edge/fog computing, CDN, SDN, wearable technology and IoE topics are discussed in details in the book. Information security applications like zero trust model, zero-day vulnerability and heuristic analysis, and use of AI in cybersecurity are explored. Two of the most intriguing concepts in computing “affective computing” and “autonomic computing” are explained and simplified. The blockchain applications presented include blockchain and supply chain, crowdsourcing, cryptocurrency, and IoT. The book ends with a look at using technology to fight COVID-19 and future pandemics.

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Quantum Computing and Other Transformative Technologies