Advances in Global Leadership (Volume 15)

Advances in Global Leadership (Volume 15)



Advances in Global Leadership (a blind-reviewed book and journal) collects insights from leading scholars and practitioners, as well as newcomers to the field. In addition to accepting chapters on traditional research, Volume 15 promoted the under-researched topic of power and global leadership. In the final chapter, Dr. Osland and co-editors synthesized the books' insights and identified research directions and gaps for other scholars in "Power and Global Leadership: Marking the Transition and Suggesting Future Directions." For this volume, Dr. Osland also co-authored two chapters with research teams: "Leading Effective Global Change: Three Design Imperatives That Support Success" (Johnson, Ludema & Osland, 2023) and "A Model of Trigger Events and Sensemaking in the Intercultural Context: A Cognitive Approach to Global Leadership Effectiveness" (Osland, Bird, Reiche & Mendenhall, 2023). Furthermore, she interviewed one of the field's founders: "Asking Big Questions That Matter: An Interview with Nancy Adler" (Osland, 2023) and co-edited the book.

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Advances in Global Leadership (Volume 15)