Binh Danh: The Enigma of Belonging

Binh Danh: The Enigma of Belonging


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Binh Danh was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US in 1979. Early in his career, Danh pioneered printing images directly onto plant matter, activating the plants’ chlorophyll with sunlight. Using this process, Danh printed images associated with the war in Vietnam onto the leaves of tropical plants and grasses. Danh has traveled across the American West for almost a decade, making daguerreotypes of scenic. Danh imbues this scenery with his distinctly personal perspective—an attempt to negotiate his connection as a Vietnamese American with the landscape and history of the United States. This monograph features two volumes, bringing together bodies of work and a separate book of essays and memorabilia that contextualizes Danh's work.

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Binh Danh: The Enigma of Belonging