Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina


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Set behind the scenes of a reality television show, Deus Ex Machina explores the lives of players and crew as they compete, manipulate, and betray one another. In the wake of personal tragedies, the show's producer has come to question the value of his creation, and his attempts to inject something "real" into "reality" meet with resistance from the all-powerful network and wreak havoc on the deserted island where the show is being taped. When true catastrophe strikes, he finds it harder and harder to navigate this surreal landscape, where boundaries of the real, imagined, and orchestrated have blurred beyond recognition. The Wall Street Journal described Deus Ex Machina as "a heady, fast-paced novel" and NPR called it "brilliant... one of the best novels about American culture in years."

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Deus Ex Machina