Promising Truths: Sincerity and Education

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American Educational Research Association (AERA) 2019 Annual Meeting

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Toronto, Canada


In keeping with the 2019 call for imagining approaches “that do not ignore the disagreements in our field...but work together across divides”, this essay argues a renewed consideration of sincerity opens avenues for thinking education as a good-faith practice of communicating with others in an increasingly plural world. In evoking sincerity, I do not draw upon the typical understanding but instead a more radical uptake drawn from fiction (e.g., Wallace, 2001) and literary theory (Kelly, 2016) that understands sincerity as “always contaminated by the threat of manipulating the other.” This re-theorization offers the field of education offers ways of making truths that matter, affirmatively grappling with challenges introduced by contemporary theories and rapidly evolving educational relations.


English and Comparative Literature