How Perceptions of Work Life Balance and Technology use Impact upon Creativity in Collaborative Spaces

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ITAIS AND MCIS 2019: A Joint Event: The 13th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems and the 16th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS

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Naples, Italy


This paper unpacks creative processes in collaborative spaces (CS). We fo-cus on how the positive resources related to wellbeing and work-life bal-ance derived from working in CS interplay with the use of collaborative technology in affecting individual creativity. We conducted a survey study with individuals working in 27 different CS in Italy. We propose and find a positive relationship between the perceived level of work-life balance sat-isfaction and individual creativity. We do not find a significant relation-ship between the frequency of technology mediated interactions with ex-ternal actors and individual creativity. Furthermore, the relationship be-tween work life balance and creativity is negatively moderated by technol-ogy mediated interactions with external actors. In other words, an intense use of collaborative technology with actors external to the CS can generate perceptions of overload and therefore making the impact of work-life bal-ance on creativity not significant. We conclude with theoretical and practi-cal implications.