Review of the first charged-particle transport coefficient comparison workshop

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High Energy Density Physics






We present the results of the first Charged-Particle Transport Coefficient Code Comparison Workshop, which was held in Albuquerque, NM October 4–6, 2016. In this first workshop, scientists from eight institutions and four countries gathered to compare calculations of transport coefficients including thermal and electrical conduction, electron–ion coupling, inter-ion diffusion, ion viscosity, and charged particle stopping powers. Here, we give general background on Coulomb coupling and computational expense, review where some transport coefficients appear in hydrodynamic equations, and present the submitted data. Large variations are found when either the relevant Coulomb coupling parameter is large or computational expense causes difficulties. Understanding the general accuracy and uncertainty associated with such transport coefficients is important for quantifying errors in hydrodynamic simulations of inertial confinement fusion and high-energy density experiments.

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U.S. Department of Energy


Charged particle transport, Code comparison, Conductivity, Diffusion, Stopping power, Viscosity


Full author list: P.E. Grabowski, S.B. Hansen, M.S. Murillo, L.G. Stanton, F.R. Graziani, A.B. Zylstra, S.D. Baalrud, P. Arnault, A.D. Baczewski, L.X. Benedict, C. Blancard, O. Čertík, J. Clérouin, L.A. Collins, S. Copeland, A.A. Correa, J. Dai, J. Daligault, M.P. Desjarlais, M.W.C. Dharma-wardana, G. Faussurier, J. Haack, T. Haxhimali, A. Hayes-Sterbenz, Y. Hou, S.X. Hu, D. Jensen, G. Jungman, G. Kagan, D. Kang, J.D. Kress, Q. Ma, M. Marciante, E. Meyer, R.E. Rudd, D. Saumon, L. Shulenburger, R.L. Singleton Jr., T. Sjostrom, L.J. Stanek, C.E. Starrett, C. Ticknor, S. Valaitis, J. Venzke, A. White


Mathematics and Statistics