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June 14-18, 2021

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New Interface for Musical Expressions 2021

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Shanghai, China


Roads in You is an interactive biometric-data artwork that allows participants to scantheir veins and find the roads that match their vein lines. The roads resemble how ourvein lines are interconnected and how the blood circulates in our bodies in variousdirections, at various speeds, and in different conditions. This new artwork exploresthe line segmentation and the structure of veins and compares them to roads in thereal world. This artwork includes biometric data sonification on top of 3D map-basedvisualization and 3D printed sculptures. The vein lines are transformed to sound, andthe participants can listen to their unique “audio signature” generated by their veins.By using various visual features extracted by image processing techniques, thebranches, length of lines, size of veins, brightness, and contrast of images determineparameters of audio synthesis and create a unique and personalized sound for eachparticipant.


Peer-reviewed Exhibition

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