Gaze and Trace

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July 19 - August 18, 2018

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OCI Museum

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Seoul, South Korea


W. Kandinsky believed in the ability to translate sound to color and vice versa. Even within different language systems, people share in the commonalities of a shared context; there is an overlap that occurs within the five traditional senses (=synesthesia), although Kandinsky himself did not explain it in this way. I believe that there are one-to-one correspondences within the five traditional senses that act much like languages. A form of “translation” occurs that finds sounds corresponding to certain colors. Synesthesia is a rare phenomenon discovered in a limited number of people. Interestingly, Kandinsky believed that the shareable parts of Synesthesia are linked not only with the five peripheral senses but also with the psychological and spiritual aspects of a person. Most people are already familiar with the translation of musical notes to body movements- this is the definition of dance. However, it is difficult to extend the definition to include synesthesia, which responds to the one-to-one correspondence between elements. Other mediating elements such as rhythm or emotions take part in translating conversations through psychological or surreal senses.


Pieces included in this exhibition: Eyes, Digiti Sonus, California Drought Impact, Causes and Effects.