Celebrate the Journey: Student Perspectives on Success

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SJSU Second Annual Student Success Symposium

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San Jose, CA


This interactive presentation will examine an ongoing community-based participatory research project with undergraduate students. The project aims to promote student success through a collaborative partnership to create digital stories that capture the diverse backgrounds that students bring to SJSU and pathways through SJSU to graduation. Leveraging the diverse experiences of the research team of 10 undergraduate students, a graduate student, and two faculty, we embody the many facets of success. This session will begin by students and faculty on the research team explaining the study process and the study aims.Then we will screen a small selection of the digital stories for the audience. Students will lead the audience through breakout discussions that explore different concepts of success and how we can use non-normative stories to promote student wellbeing and sense of community. The session will also ask participants to reflect on how their own college experiences have influenced their perceptions of student success and connections with their own students at SJSU. We will end our interactive session by coming back together to reflect and brainstorm a more inclusive collective vision of what success means to students, faculty, staff and administrators.


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