Man-Thing versus Swamp Thing

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July 5 - August 11, 2018

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Et al. / Et al. etc.

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San Francisco, CA


Co-curated with Anthony Discenza


We’ll ‘fess up: the title of the current exhibition(s) is something of a red herring; merely a bit of cognitive clickbait borrowed from the vernacular of comic book covers. The show isn’t about an epic showdown between rival heroes, or swamps, or even the biological. And despite the “versus,” it certainly isn’t about oppositionality or difference. Instead, it’s about their breakdown; the collapse and intermingling of seemingly disparate systems, materials, and ideas into a space of unruly hybridity. The artists in the show all reflect an emergent awareness of the limitations of a worldview based on separation and division; a recognition that, below the outer appearance of things, beyond the seeming separateness of the objects and entities we encounter, under the surface of our illusions of self, lies nothing but a vast and continual process of exchange, emergence, decay, and transformation. This show is interested in proposing something stranger than its title may initially suggest — the possibility that we, and everything around us, are both made of and blending into everything else, even while seemingly apart.


Art and Art History